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Attention! For original works of fiction, please see my other site, Rainbow Graffiti: Dreams and Fancies.

Hello there, and welcome to my fanfiction & fanart page. The reason I made it with a yuri theme (in case you don't know, yuri means girl/girl, just like yaoi is guy/guy) is because I couldn't find any others out there. Uh, minus the really hentai stuff which I am... not particularly interested in. >.< I screen all entries for content. Perfectly inocent fanfics are placed at the top under the heading "Fanfics" and yuri fics are farther down under the "Yuri" heading. Since this is my holiday break, I have plenty of time to add new fics. ^o^ Check them out!

As a side note, and I think this really goes without saying, but I have received complaints so here it is. These are not all MY fanfics. Yup, that's right, when other people's names are given as the authors, those people wrote those fics. If you want to complain about a fic, please complain to the author, not to me. I DO NOT edit the fics that are donated to me. I read them, occasionally format them, then upload them to the appropriate category. That is all. My job is to collect fics for others to enjoy, not to nitpick and edit other people's work. It would be too exhausting. You may email me about my fics, and only my fics. Thank you.

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Don't have enough to warrant thumbnails, so these may take some time to load, hence another page. Last updated 3-8-06.


~Cardcaptor Sakura~

Dreaming of Sakura

My Eyes on You

Lost Feelings

Better Late Than Never

True Love?

~Fushigi Yuugi~

And Then We'll See

Ai no Arashi

~Mahoutsukaitai (Magic Users Club)~

When We Have Nowhere Left to Hide


PITATEN! and the philosophy of the boudoir

~Sailor Moon~


Wasting the Moonlight

A Tired Heart's Desire

False Illusions


~Strawberry Panic~

S.O.S. (Save Our School) Part 1

S.O.S. (Save Our School) Part 2

~Yuri Fanfics~

~Ayashi no Ceres~


~Gundam Wing~



If Tomorrow Never Comes


A Date With Te'a
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If you have a fic that you would like to contribute, please email me. Include the title of the fic, who it is about, what you want your name to appear as on my page (alias, SN, or what-not), and of course the fic itself. I don't mind what it is rated, I am interested in any girl/girl stuff that could possibly be out there! I'll even consider original work as well.

If you have any yuri fanart that you would like to contribute, please also send it my way and I will probably include that as well.

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